Welcome to my website.
Photography always interested me. In my youth I experimented with the Leica and later the Canon from my parents. Later on I bought my first Nikon. It was a F601 AF. My first autofocus camera. I shot a lot pictures and slides with it, and most of the time I brought my camera along. Since the digital era in photography, a lot has been changed. Well, the basics of photography are still the same, but nowadays it’s very easy to experiment with the adjustments of your camera. The result is almost immediately visible and if necessary you can adjust afterwards your photo with the latest software.

By using the internet it’s easier to show your pictures to others.
For long I didn’t want to buy a digital camera, the good ones were very expensive and what I’ve seen from the cheaper compacts couldn’t satisfy me.
Some years ago I bought my first DSLR and of course it was a Nikon.

The subjects I like to photograph are quite divers. I’m interested in animals, especially our Vizsla’s . If you want to know more about the dogs just follow the link to the “The Vizsla’s”. Also nature, like birds and landscape, do have my interest.

But, the subject I like the most is concerts. For me it is a challenge to get the emotion of a musician in a way that people who has been to the concert, come in the same groove again after they’ve seen my photos. But also for anyone who has not been to the gig. They must see that the artist has done his best performance and also that they feel that they missed something.

In january 2012 I decided to start as a free-lance photographer.

I hope that you enjoy my portfolio and please feel free to give me your comments.
If you’re impressed and want to make use of my abilities, just look at the contact page how to reach me.

Lots of fun!

Irwan Notosoetarso

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  1. Stuur me je mailadres. dan kan ik je een paar foto’s sturen.

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